Data Centers

When running a data center, your biggest concerns are uptime and energy consumption. Racktivity has the solutions to help you manage these daily challenges. More info


Your services matter. A lot. Data is growing at an exponential rate and more than ever, we need IT systems to deliver instant and continuous access to this information.Therefore, 100% functional availability of your services and data is your number one priority... Let’s face it: downtime is unacceptable. More info

Service Providers

As a telecom service provider you are concerned about uptime of the service you offer your customers and the operational cost it takes to run your service. Next to this, you are most likely challenged by corporate social responsibility guidelines to reduce your carbon footprint and your total energy consumption as well as to rank high within international benchmarks with regards to green IT. Racktivity provides the solutions to face and manage those challenges. More info

System Integrators

Every day you are being challenged to deliver green, user-friendly, reliable and most of all cost-efficient solutions to your customers. Racktivity offers you unique hardware components and management software which integrates Racktivity’s power and environmental components alongside leading third party products. More info