Rack Power Management (PDU)

The EnergySwitch™ Family, Racktivity’s next-generation metered and switched Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

Rack Power Management (PDU)

Racktivity EnergySwitch Smart PDUs equips your data center with the industry’s most advanced metering and switching capability.\ All Racktivity EnergySwitch smart PDUs are built upon Racktivity’s real-time operating system, EnergyOS™ to provide the highest degree of granular real-time PowerQuality type metrics. EnergyOS™ implements the hardware-related portions of Racktivity’s EnergyDNA™ technology to provide real-time remote PDU-level and outlet-level true RMS monitoring of current (A), voltage (V), power (VA, W), power factor (%) and energy consumption (kWh) with +/- 1% accuracy.

All of this allows you to work with current, relevant and actionable power utilization data to make informed decisions on load balancing and managing IT assets based on event triggers and energy consumption to lower total cost of ownership.

The Racktivity PDU’s provide you with a powerful system for energy and capacity optimisation with reliable IT asset protection, all in one unit.

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