Power management software (DCIM/DCPM)

Fully distributed multi-location, multi-vendor performance management solution. Manage, visualize and control all of your energy from 1 pane of glass. Pure genius.

Power management software (DCIM/DCPM)

Monitor and maximize your power & environmental efficiency by implementing Racktivity’s power management system, DCPM.

DCPM, Performance & Power Management System, is the ultimate software to monitor, visualize, control and automate power and environmental parameters with the goal to increase the reliability and uptime of your data center and telecom infrastructure while at the same time reducing your opex and carbon footprint.

Our in-house developed software solution offers you a complete and comprehensive framework including an extensive data model to analyse and control power and operational behaviors in real time. The tight integration between the DCPM and the other Racktivity products allows you to take full advantage of a vast range of power management capabilities.

DCPM includes a highly interactive web-based user interface offering a single pane of glass across an entire estate. The platform offers you a global view allowing you to drill down to the individual power outlet or sensor and everything in between. DCPM manages entire telecommunication infrastructures, data centers, campuses, builds, pods, rows, racks or any other type of physical infrastructure design.

As of now, you have a central, clear and complete view of your energy usages across both physical and logical groupings.

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