AC² - AC Power monitoring

To give a total overview of your power consumption, Racktivity has complemented its product line with a new family of power meter and monitoring devices.

AC² - AC Power monitoring

To give a total overview of your power consumption, Racktivity has complemented its product line with a new family of power meter and monitoring devices. Our AC power management device AC²Meter can be installed at the AC power distribution board or in distributed remote locations such as PoPs, base stations, and head ends.

The unit features a DIN rail mountable design and Ethernet connectivity and supports 8 inputs for current measurements. The AC²Meter also supports our E²Sensor range to offer a granular set of environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity and motion sensing as well as smoke detection, water leak detection under raised floors and dry contacts for rack door intrusion detection.

The meter is fully compatible with our DCPM, a Service Provider Infrastructure & Data Center Performance Management System, allowing you to remotely monitor and manage power and critical environment metrics in your data centers and/or smaller distributed infrastructures.

The AC²Meter provides you with the missing element for a complete power monitoring solution and solves any issues with large or distributed estates of AC powered equipment. With this addition, Racktivity give you the tools to measure and analyse your data in order to prevent downtime and reduce your carbon footprint.

Want to find out more on why our AC²Meter can help your business? Click here to read the article.


  • A split-core current transducer can be used in existing environments ensuring no power is cut off during installation
  • Can be used in 1 or 3 phase systems
  • 8 external current sensors can be connected - support for different types from 8A to +200A
  • Groups can be configured to make the sum of different current sensors and calculate CurrentSUM as well as to group 3 current sensors to act as one 3 phase measurement
  • Programmable thresholds for alarms/warnings
  • Flash upgradable, for future PowerQuality analytics
  • Ultra low energy consumption (< 2W)
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Full-feature and easy integration with our DCPM software
  • Compatible with the E²Sensor, Racktivity’s environmental sensor which provides highly granular energy information including power distribution and environmental status


  • Self powered via first phase
  • Auto detection on what phase a current sensor is connected
  • Server-based authentication
  • Event driven logging

Technical specifications


  • True RMS 25.000+ samples per outlet
  • Billing Grade Accuracy, +/- 1%
  • 1 phase or 3 phase : Voltage (V), Frequency (Hz) and PhaseShift (°)
  • Per current sensor : True RMS Current (A), Real Power (W), Apparent Power (VA), Power Factor (%), Power
  • Consumption (kWh), KiloVolt Amp Hours (kVAh)
  • Per SUM Group : Total Current (A), Total Real Power (W) and Total Power Consumption (kWh)
  • Per 3Phase Group : Neutral Current (A), Total Real Power (W) and Total Power C onsumption (kWh)
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Event logging
  • Detailed logging: besides logging all measurements every 5 minutes, all power related behaviour deemed ‘deviant’ is logged for several seconds before and after occurring.
  • Oscilloscope view: Realtime wave form graph of voltage and current per sensor


  • Ethernet 10100 Mbps auto detecting, half/full duplex connection
  • Racktivity R-BUS connectors for connecting E²Sensors™
  • Integrated web interface enabling remote access
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) over Telnet and Telnet secure remote access
  • Display: monitor voltage, frequency, phase shift , current


  • SNMP TRAPs, SETs, GETs support
  • Integrated secure web site (HTTPS)
  • SSL certificate
  • Customisable thresholds & alarms
  • Warning level for Voltage, Power, Current, Temperature and more
  • Extensive logging
  • Server-based authentication/authorization


  • Form-factor: DIN rail 4M
  • OLED with 4 control buttons
  • LED power ON/OFF
  • CE/RoHS Compliant

Look & Feel


Download the AC²Meter Product Sheet (pdf)