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Datacenter with ideas
The demand for constant availability in our interconnected society is increasing. As a result, today’s datacenters are exceedingly complex entities requiring operational stability of the highest standards, where expenses can quickly exceed expectations. Therefore, clever solutions and non-mainstream inventiveness are needed to keep production and operating costs at a reasonable price. We provide our clients with such solutions.

For us, “Custom Design” is not just a term, but reality in practice.
Our services:


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MERA-TECH offers a second to none video systems integration and consultancy service to some of the biggest satellite operators in EMEA. Through its close relations with respectable hardware and software vendors, MERA-TECH has successfully deployed several DTH systems that impressed its customers in terms of budget, quality and reliability and covers the following areas:

Complemented with reliable managed services solutions, MERA-TECH provides end to end cost effective DTH solutions to its customers. Its expertise in the DTH market enables them to find the most cost effective working solutions, deploy and manage them for its customers.

EO Smart Building

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EO Smartbuilding, innove en tant que premier intégrateur de salles informatiques et datacenters, garantissant ses installations plus de vingt ans et assurant une économie substantielle d’espace et d’énergie, ceci grâce à ses ingénieurs certifiés et ses partenaires, leaders mondiaux dans la fourniture d’équipements et de solutions pour datacenters.


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Gila is considered as the main pillar for distributing the products of the major international electrical agencies in Egypt as well as a reliable partner for other distinguished companies.


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Belcom247 is an experienced and trustworthy provider of round the clock specialist field operations services to global data network operators. Belcom247 designs, installs and maintains critical network and storage infrastructure on behalf of its multinational clients and guarantees best in class emergency maintenance response times at the world’s top 100 data centres.


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The goal of APT is to offer efficient and economically interesting solutions to suit the needs of a production IT. APT proposes you software or hardware solutions to optimize your production on a daily basis.

U.T.E. electronic gmbh &

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U.T.E. is a german based distributor of electronic products for the high end market. The company focuses on supply of datacenter equipment including UPS systems and energy monitoring equipment.

Critical Power Supplies

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Critical Power Supplies is a leading independent UK multi-brand supplier of critical power and energy solutions including uninterruptible power supplies and standby power generators to 6MVA. As a multi-brand supplier we are well placed to provide you with the right power solution.

Prime Technologies

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Prime Technologies provides valuable technology solutions for datacenters, internet service providers, telecom operators system integrators and other enterprises. Between solutions offered one can find:


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Elmitel provides a wide portfolio of solutions for data centers, ISPs and system integrators. The company is active in the telecommunication and electrical industry for more than 20 years.

The solutions, among others, are: - planning and optimization of the existing power management equipment - a wide range of environmental monitoring solutions

Above-mentioned services allow customers to have full control over power expenses, unplanned behaviour and environmental conditions in their data centers.

Dividec - What-i-consume

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Watt-i-consume helps organisations measure accurately the power consumption of ANY device, Rack, Data Centre, production line, building. By adding our IP enabled multimeter into your network, you will immediately identify what is exactly costing to operate, built your product, or maintain your customer infrastructure.

ITCare s.r.l.

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ITCare is an IT consulting Company building and providing solutions either in Systems, Process and Service Management. Our crew is highly specialized and constantly up to date, via training and certifications.

ITCare competence results from our 15 years long experience in data-centers of large-sized Companies and factories, developing a great amount of projects in Virtualization, Security, Monitoring and Management.

Our Mission is to stand for a “center of excellence”, pre-eminently using our passion to build and offer highly professional and customer-oriented solutions.

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