Our Smart PDUs Increase Your Uptime & Reduce OPEX

Racktivity's power distribution EnergySwitch Smart PDUs equip your data center with the industry’s most advanced metering and switching capability.

Our Smart PDUs Increase Your Uptime & Reduce OPEX

One of the major data centre challenges today is the increasing cost of electricity. Over the past decade the cost of electricity has increased significantly and this trend is not expected to fade away soon. Industry data and studies mention power costs can account for over 50% of the total data centre operational cost.

In addition to controlling operational expenses the need to achieve close to 100% uptime is shifting from a service to a pure necessity, one may even say a commodity. For companies, downtime can translate in a hit on credibility, lost revenues, lowered stock value and/or lost customers.

So companies are faced with the challenge to ensure a maximum of uptime and service whilst keeping energy cost under control.

To overcome these challenges, they have in general three choices: - expand power and cooling capacity - build new data centres - deploy a power management solution that analyses, maximizes and improves the usage of existing capacity

As the first two options require major investments and other resources, they should invest in the third.

According to the Uptime Institute’s survey results regarding data centre business priorities for 2013, 52% of the data centre owners cite the need to improve metrics for power-usage effectiveness and uninterruptible power supply, as well as those related to network and rack operations. 32% of all participants said capacity planning for critical resources such as power and rack space are increasingly of strategic important.

In order to truly drive performance with maximized availability and energy efficiency, the management team requires detailed insights and control of the various electrical power metrics. Racktivity EnergySwitch Smart PDUs equip your business with the industry’s most advanced metering and switching capability. Racktivity EnergySwitch smart PDUsare built upon Racktivity’s real-time operating system, EnergyOS™ to provide the highest degree of granular real-time PowerQuality type metrics. EnergyOS™ implements the hardware-related portions of Racktivity’s EnergyDNA™ technology to provide real-time remote PDU-level and outlet-level true RMS monitoring of current (A), voltage (V), power (VA, W), power factor (%) and energy consumption (kWh) with +99% accuracy.

Reduce OPEX

Knowing what devices are consuming most of the energy, detecting idle, underutilized or power ineffective servers and finding out where they can save on energy has a direct impact on the bottom line and carbon footprint of any company. With the IT equipment, the most significant savings are normally found in what is the biggest source of waste in most data centres: poor server utilization.

By linking the EnergySwitch PDU data with Racktivity DCPM software suite, or a third party management software solution, you can see what the correlation of the server power load with cpu/memory load of the applications thereon is. Based on this correlation the system indicates which servers are underutilized or maybe even idle. It furthermore informs the user what applications can be moved safely in terms of power and cpu/memory load and at the same time it indicates the yearly saving when doing so. EnergySwitch PDUs thus offer a prescriptive analysis tool telling users what to do in order to improve power efficiency without increasing the risk for downtime.

Successful consolidation initiatives can reclaim a considerable amount of rack space and stranded power.

But the EnergySwitch PDUsalso pull their weight to help the carbon footprint go down. Thanks to the use of bi-stable relays, energy efficient power supply and 80Mhz chip (vs 500 Mhz up to 1.000 Mhz as industry standard), the PDUs feature an ultra low power consumption.

Thanks to in-house developed firmware, installed on the PDUs, no additional operating system is required, therefor significantly reducing start-up time. EnergySwitch PDUs are operational in less than 3 seconds.

Maximize uptime

As downtime can result in a hit on credibility, lost revenues, lowered stock value and/or lost customers, one of the data centers major priorities is uptime.

In order to maximize uptime, Racktivity EnergySwitch PDUs are equipped with unique features such as Electronic Fast Fuse Protection (EFFP), zero crossing switching and inrush current protected relays.

Zero crossing switching

In alternating current (AC), the zero-crossing is the instantaneous point at which there is no voltage present. When electrical power is switched, the EnergySwitch PDUoutlets will only switch at an instant when there is no current (zero-crossing) so no electrical interference is generated. Thereby, Racktivity EnergySwitch PDUs litigate risk of sparks and prevent relays to start sticking. Both aspects are disaster prevention features and will heavily impact the MTBF, causing the PDUs to have a longer lifespan than other PDUs.

Control of inrush current:

The outlets of the EnergySwitch PDUs switch on one after the other, dividing the inrush current over a certain time lapse to prevent servers going down due to an overload of power. Managers can define themselves how long the delay of start-up is. This control of inrush current offers a protection against starting racks to drop.

Electronic Fast Fuse Protection (EFFP)

This unique feature offers data centers an additional security. A near-short circuit in server up to 200A can result in one or several racks going down. Thanks to the Electronic Fast Fuse Protection (EFFP), the EnergySwitch PDUisolates the responsible server. This results in only one server going down instead of a full rack (or even more). An important additional gain is that instead of starting up a full rack or multiple racks again without knowing the cause of the downtime (with the risk everything goes down again), the faulty server is immediately identified, allowing an easy and swift disaster recovery.

The devices also provide the data centers with back-up access to the servers in case they lose their prime management connection.

Increase customer loyalty

The numbers tell the tale. The better and more detailed you measure, the better you are informed and consequently take the most appropriate decisions. EnergySwitch PDUs measure 25.000 samples per second per individual outlet (V and A). Having the capability to measure power usage and power quality this accurately, from source down to the mouth: individual power outlet or sensor and everything in between, giving you the right tools at hand to make informed decisions.

Plan capacity

Enterprises rely on data centres to meet their continuous growth objectives, therefor rigorous and well-thought capacity planning and management is critical to each data centre allowing them to accommodate both the expected and unexpected needs of their customers business. Thanks to the right and accurate metrics, provided by the EnergySwitch PDUs, they can manage capacity planning for both contingencies and planned growth, bringing significant cost and space saving.

Case Study - Racktivity’s EnergySwitch PDU’s

Racktivity helps protect business continuity of 300 million transactions Isabel – a leading provider of solutions and services within the financial value chain for consumers, businesses and banks – had selected the Racktivity EnergySwitch PDUs to manage the power in their data centers. You can read the full case study here.

why racktivity’s EnergySwitch PDU’s?

1. Maximize data centres uptime

  • Prevent complete racks to go down in case of a short circuit thanks to electronic fast fuse and inrush current protected relays
  • Prevent downtime by creating customized alarms
  • Give the right data to identify and eliminate idle servers and identify failing power supplies

2. Empower your company with the right data to plan capacity and avoid inefficient power usage

3. Provide your company with the most accurate and detailed metrics to know exactly how much energy each (internal or external) customer consumes, enabling you to provide correct billing information

4. Low energy consumption, helping you to downsize your carbon footprint

5. EnergySwitch PDUs measure 25.000 samples per second per individual outlet, providing you with the most detailed and accurate metrics