Racktivity offers an unrivalled set of products and features to **distribute, measure, monitor and control the power of your infrastructure**


Racktivity has a world-class team of seasoned executives, researchers, technologists and investors.

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Racktivity has created the industry’s first and only complete system for energy management within the data center. Racktivity was formed with the aim of helping customers understand and control energy distribution in near real-time across the enterprise. With this enhanced visibility, organisations can better align IT business operations with their true cost. Racktivity provides extreme granularity to our customers across their entire enterprise, across structures, sites and geographies.

At the heart of every hardware product we make is our patent-pending EnergyDNA™ technology. This allows us to deliver proactive and predictive disaster prevention with the fastest recovery processes. Our EnergySwitch™ solutions allow our customers to save money through reduced energy consumption, eliminating idle devices, identifying devices that are potentially about to fail to ultimately improve uptime. Racktivity’s EnergySwitch PDU Family also supports our highly integrated E²Sensor™ Family of temperature, humidity, sound, light, airflow and rack security sensors. Together, our solutions helps IT managers prevent and diagnose problems at the energy and environmental layer.

Racktivity also developed game-changing solutions to monitor AC and DC power. Our DC²Sensor and AC²Sensor can be installed at the (AC and/or DC) power distribution board or in distributed remote locations such as PoPs, base stations, and head ends. The sensors provide you with the missing element for a complete power monitoring solution, and solves your issues with large or distributed estates of AC and/or DC powered equipment.

The company was founded in february, 2009 by Wilbert Ingels, CTO, following senior management roles at Level 3 and Terremark.Over the course of 2010, the remainder of the corporate functions of Sales, Marketing and Operations were filled with a highly seasoned team of professionals who have decades of experience supplying products and solutions to the data center world.

The Racktivity management team has a proven track record in developing and bringing innovative technologies to a commercial success, including Cyclades and Avocent (now both Emerson), Raritan, Q-Layer (acquired by SUN Microsystems), Datacenter Technologies (acquired by Symantec), Nimsoft (acquired by Computer Associates), Hostbasket (acquired by Telenet), and Dedigate (acquired by Terremark).The company received its first round of venture capital funding in 2009 from Big Bang Ventures and its second round of funding thru Partech Internatiional and Hummingbird Ventures (formerly Big Bang).