Increased global and remote visibility over power for Belgacom International Carrier Services

Racktivity has helped Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS), an international communication service provider to increase visibility over power and environmental factors underpinning its critical global network. With Racktivity, BICS is able to improve its troubleshooting and proactive maintenance while ensuring it is receiving agreed level of service for co-location site providers. More info

Isabel selected Racktivity as their partner

Isabel, a leading provider of solutions and services within the financial value chain for consumers, businesses and banks - selected Racktivity as their data center power management and environmental control partner. More info

Schuberg Philis: Where 100% uptime becomes science, art and religion.

Since 2003 many organizations have outsourced their mission critical application infrastructures to Schuberg Philis, an outsourcing service provider based in the Netherlands and operating with a global reach. The company offers their customers 100% functional uptime for their business critical and vital infrastructures. Schuberg Philis takes end-to-end responsibility to ensure the availability of these systems. More info