Reduce OPEX And Maximize Your Uptime

Racktivity’s unique approach to power management and environmental monitoring has been designed to allow the industry’s most consultative sales partners and systems integrators to lead with our new generation of best-in-class physical layer solutions.

Reduce OPEX And Maximize Your Uptime

One of the major challenges of companies today is the increasing cost of electricity.

Over the past decade the cost of electricity has increased significantly and this trend is not expected to fade away soon. Industry data and studies mention power costs can account for over 50% of the total data centre operational cost.

In addition to controlling operational expenses the need to achieve close to 100% uptime is shifting from a service to a pure necessity, one may even say a commodity. For companies, downtime can translate in a hit on credibility, lost revenues, lowered stock value and/or lost customers.

So enterprises are faced with the challenge to ensure a maximum of uptime and service whilst keeping energy cost under control. To overcome these challenges, they have in general three choices…

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