Racktivity's New Product Line: ACL Master & Slave Busbar Solution For Infrastructure Management

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Racktivity's New Product Line: ACL Master & Slave Busbar Solution For Infrastructure Management

ACL Master & ACL Slave – Racktivity’s newest innovative Busbar Solution

The Racktivity bus bar solution, called ACL Master and ACL Slave, is our latest product available on the market, developed with and for professional data center operators.

The ACL Master and ACL Slave is part of the infrastructure monitoring and is used by data center professionals who want to monitor the power connected to the bus bar, power cabin or other type of energy consumers using a single IP address.

Both units are DIN rail based.

The ACL Master acts as a gateway between Ethernet and up to 32 RS485 ACL Slave devices on one single IP address. It is a compact DIN-Rail Gateway module with a 24V DC input for providing power to the ACL Slave devices via the RS485 Bus, an Ethernet connection, a compact OLED screen and 4 buttons for full configuration.

The ACL Master gathers all the measured data from its ACL Slave devices and sends them to the monitoring server or cloud. The ACL Master collects all log files from its connected ACL Slave meters on the on board SD card.

The ACL Slave is an accurate power meter with 3 voltage inputs (+N) and 4 current clamp inputs connected to a RS485 Bus network. In addition the power meter has 4 dry inputs to connect any input like special circuit breakers (with dry contact outputs) or raid contact for the tap off boxes. Those contacts can generate SNMP traps that can be used for monitoring purposes.

The ACL Slave is also a compact DIN-Rail Power module that can have 4 mixed current clamps ranging from 25A up to 2000A.

More detail in the technical spec section soon.

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