Racktivity's NEW Firmware For 0U Energy Switches Now Available!

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Racktivity's NEW Firmware For 0U Energy Switches Now Available!

Racktivity has released its new firmware for the ES2000 and ES6000 series. The new firmware is available for download under the support section of Racktivity’s website.

We do encourage users to read the installation procedure prior to do the firmware upgrade!

Release Notes:

** Technical task
    * [RTDTEN-288] - Implement LDAP
    * [RTDTEN-289] - Add LDAP management tab
    * [RTDTEN-291] - Add stuffing option
    * [RTDTEN-292] - Add Fuse tab image & set outlet input validation
    * [RTDTEN-293] - Add RTD numbers with corresponding (default values)

** Bug
    * [RTDTEN-129] - Unexpected logouts of the webpage
    * [RTDTEN-273] - No micro interruption traps sent
    * [RTDTEN-274] - No phase shift traps sent
    * [RTDTEN-294] - SNMP Trap OIDs have changed since last update
    * [RTDTEN-296] - CookieTTL value returns only 1 byte
    * [RTDTEN-297] - Revert default SNMP settings to previous release for DCPM compatibility
    * [RTDTEN-299] - Incorrect behaviour when in daisy chain

** Feature Request
    * [RTDTEN-175] - Display lock notification
    * [RTDTEN-287] - LDAP implementation
    * [RTDTEN-290] - Add EnergySwitch ES6224-16/32 & ES2224-32 model

** Improvement
    * [RTDTEN-295] - Add border-color CSS property

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