Racktivity Present @ Datacenter Dynamics, Paris

Racktivity’s unique approach to power management and environmental monitoring has been designed to allow the industry’s most consultative sales partners and systems integrators to lead with our new generation of best-in-class physical layer solutions.

Racktivity Present @ Datacenter Dynamics, Paris

On the 11th of June, Racktivity will be present at DataCenter Dynamics in Parais (Palais des Congrès).

The congress pulls together the people, processes and technology necessary to execute a world class data center strategy under one roof.

During the congress, Racktivity’s CTO, Wilbert Ingels, will give a presentation titled ‘The total madness of power efficiency in data centers’.

Short description of the presentation:

Industry data and studies show that power costs account for over 50% of the total data center operational cost.

With all the tools available to measure and optimize power usage, how come data centers and the installed IT equipment are still poorly managed when it comes to power and data center efficiency? What’s the influence on the Uptime metrics? When running a redundant data center, why is there still downtime including power outage of IT equipment? Why do we, with all the efficient methods we apply today, still have high power consumption bills?

How can we preserve the most important value of a data center and IT equipment: UPTIME?

Find out more during his session. Exact time at which he will speak will follow.

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