Racktivity Is A Finalist In The TechTrailblazers Awards

Racktivity’s unique approach to power management and environmental monitoring has been designed to allow the industry’s most consultative sales partners and systems integrators to lead with our new generation of best-in-class physical layer solutions.

Racktivity Is A Finalist In The TechTrailblazers Awards

The Tech Trailblazers Awards seek to recognize true innovators in the following enterprise technology areas: big data, cloud, emerging markets, mobile, networking, security, storage, sustainable IT, and virtualization.

Racktivity is proud to announce that it is a finalist in both the ‘networking’ and ‘sustainable IT’ categories, with its full end-to-end power management solution.

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One of the major datacentre challenges today is the increasing cost of electricity. Knowing what devices consume the most energy and detecting ineffective servers has a direct impact on business continuity and carbon footprint of any datacentre.

With the IT equipment, most savings are found in what is the biggest source of waste in most datacentres: poor server utilization. On the facility side, the biggest energy spending is linked to the cooling system, which can be reduced by eliminating cooling inefficiencies.

But as you can’t manage what you don’t measure, datacenters need to implement smart solutions to measure the energy consumption.

That is why Racktivity has developed the industry’s first full end-to-end power management solution. A series of smart measuring devices can be installed in the server racks as well as in the electrical cabinet.

The Racktivity PDU, to be installed in the server racks, equips datacenters with the most advanced metering and switching capabilities. The devices provide real-time remote PDU-level and outlet-level true RMS monitoring of current (A), voltage (V), power (VA, W), power factor (%) and energy consumption (kWh) with +99% accuracy.

By installing a Racktivity AC or DC measuring device in the electrical cabinet, every single power consumer outside the IT racks is monitored, and thanks to the use of split-core current transducers, no power is cut off during installation in existing environments. Installing these tools in the datacentre, provides companies with a continuous flow of extremely detailed and reliable power data.

Thanks to the Power Management Software of Racktivity, this power data is automatically being transformed into rich data, triggering automatic alarms, identifying idle servers and detecting power usage trends. This entire process results in rich power data, giving datacentres the right insights to reduce OPEX and optimize business continuity.