The Importance Of Rich Power Data

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The Importance Of Rich Power Data

In a recent article on, called ‘Nate Silver, Rich Data, and DCIM’, author Gregg Primm addresses the problem data center managers are facing on a day to day basis: The lack of truly reliable rich data to ensure operational efficiency.

The article explains the difference between big data – massive, undifferentiated deluge of data points – and rich data – data that has been processed and refined, eliminating the extraneous and leaving only the valuable information which can be used for predicting, planning and decision making. It is clear that rich data is the most valuable of both types of data.

But in order to obtain rich data you need quantity, quality and variety.

To quote Mr. Primm: “This can be obtained by using the right combination of hardware that automatically generates and delivers the needed data and a good software tool that helps the user to correlate the vast amount of big data into rich data, by perceiving patterns and trends … and ultimately to make informed decisions.”

This is where Racktivity comes in.

Racktivity offers companies a full end to end solution.
A series of innovative and smart hardware products, which can be installed in the server racks as well as in the power distribution board , provide you with a continuous flow of real-time, accurate and reliable power and environmental data.

This big data can then be processed by our award-winning power monitoring software solution . The platform offers you a global view allowing you to drill down to the individual power outlet or sensor and everything in between. DCPM manages entire telecommunication infrastructures, data centers, campuses, builds, pods, rows, racks or any other type of physical infrastructure design.

By triggering user-defined alarms, detecting trends and so on, our software solution translates this data into meaningful and actionable information.

Giving the data center managers the right tools in hand to be used for planning and decision making.

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