Racktivity offers specific solutions for power management and environmental control in different market segments:

Data Centers

In order to maximize your uptime, Racktivity devices are equipped with unique features such as electronic fast fuse and inrush current protected relays to prevent complete racks to go down in case of a short circuit. The devices will also provide you with back-up access to your servers in case you lose your prime management connection.

Enterprises (banks, universities, hospitals, retail, industrial companies...)

Our solutions allow you to measure, monitor and control your electrical power distribution and environmental parameters within your company in order to save on energy, protect against downtime and increase reliability of your assets.

Service Providers (telecom operators, mobile operators, cable operators, satelitte operators, utilities, transport infrastructure

As a service provider you are concerned about uptime of the service in all your remote locations. Racktivity provides the AC and DC monitoring solutions to face and manage your challenges.

System Integrators

Racktivity offers you unique hardware components and management software which integrates Racktivity’s power and environmental components alongside leading third party products. Our tools allow you to measure, monitor and manage data within your customer’s infrastructure.


Racktivity's EnergyDNA

EnergyDNA™ is the patent-pending set of technologies developed by Racktivity in direct response to the industry’s desire to better understand power within the data center. EnergyDNA is the core of the Data Center Performance Management system. In essence, it enables extremely detailed measurements to be collected, compared and visualized in real-time.

In our EnergySwitch family of PDU devices, EnergyDNA takes the form of advanced Digital Signal Processors (DSP) which sample power at the per-outlet level then being interpreted by our own Fast-Fourier transformations.

energyswitch™ family dcpm (service provider infrastructure & data center performance management system)